The Agency

Domo Arigatou Mr. Roboto

No rest for the wicked.

Joseph the blonde with the shotgun shows us off, and carts us off to our operator. A pragmatic British man who bears a remarkable resemblance to one Alfred Pennyworth. Even has the same name. I decide to take it as a good sign.

Then we get to the computer hub and the feeling we’re going to get sued compounds. It’s the Batcave. Well more or less. If it were the real deal we’d have Batman up in our grill demanding how we got in.

As it is “Alfred” explains our next mission, another player hunt, and alludes to a larger invasion force going on that would be more of our concern if we were at a level to deal with it. As it is we’re going to be doing more “grunt” work from the sounds of it.

The armory which I think both me and Shepard were looking to tour is unavailable. Too busy servicing “real” agents unlike raw recruits like us. So it looks like we’re on our own for gear, whatever we scavenge in the next world will have to do. Still from brief notes it’s a technologically superior world which means we’ve got a good chance of getting something decent (anything being better than the simple clothes on our back).

With luck we’ll also get a chance to repair my board and Shepard’s prog knife.

Alfred continues our briefing telling us our mission parameters have expanded to erasing traces of foreign contamination, i.e. get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit or belong. Seems easy enough, but unless there’s some kind of memory wiper in our kit that I don’t know about…could make this harder than they think.

Either way it’s good to know we can contact Alfred when we need to, and with that we set off into the transport circle.

We land in a darkened alleyway terminator style. I assume that from the fire and echoes of thunder, plus the scorched ozone smell is a tip off.

We were a little hurt which Alfred chalks up as a minor kerfluffle with the transport tubes. My regeneration kicks in, and as it does I feel several other powers flare up. Somehow I can feel my soul resonating, growing…stronger, no brighter? I feel rudimentary knowledge of elemental magic fill my head. It’s an incredible rush and I can feel my energy reserves expand. I also suspect I got a mind boost because I’m seeing connections with random items more now. How to string things together and create stuff I shouldn’t be able to. With luck maybe that’ll mean more versatility dealing with the world. I take a moment longer than my partner as I deal with all the implications.

Something is seriously weird, there’s no reason why I should be able to cast magic, but I know I can right now if I wanted to. We should both get checked out when we clear this place. We’re… evolving or something, and it might be best to know why…or what we’ll become if we continue on…

As Shepard scopes out the ground, I make my way up the side of the building to get the lay of the land. I’m straining despite the city lights when night vision kicks in. Good old Alfred. Under the green filter I notice someone on the opposite building across from me. I recognize the blue armor and figure a greeting wouldn’t be out of place.

It’s a prodigious leap but I clear it landing with a barely audible sound still cloaked in shadows. It’s enough for the mechanoid though. Advanced sensors notice my presence, and I flicker back into the visible spectrum. It seems to have spooked him to have a “human” manage to sneak up on him.

He trains a buster cannon on me and I quickly put up a surrender position, followed by a hasty if rather vague explanation for why I’m here. I ask who he is and learn he goes by “X”.

Negotiations go fairly smoothly. I learn in addition that he’s a bounty hunter or reploid hunter of some kind. I gather he’s similar to law enforcement, responsible for catching rogue robots. There’s also a guild system in place which indicates it might also be along the lines of a government/mercenary group. Whichever it is X has agreed to give me and my partner a hand if we’re willing to scratch his back (so to speak).

I also hear about a “Zero” with a sword that sounds like bad news if we cross him.

I contact my partner with the good news and get info on a possible target in a store. I’m about to get him to my location so we can head on out when a flaming car screams into view.

We’re in this world for less than 15 minutes and already we’re fighting a mechanical monster. Well a spider at any rate. A spider that shoots lasers. Who makes this crap? X leaps into action – looks like he wants his paycheck. I stall on the roof taking stock. Shepard does a good job of staying inconspicuous, which is a good idea when it’s revealed the thing has a force field shield.

X seems surprised at this and I gather there’s not many shields that his shots can’t pierce. The spider meanwhile is letting loose in the city and while there are no panicking crowds it’s still getting out of hand.

I reach down and concentrate my new found knowledge to form a blizzard spell. Maybe this will immobilize it force field and all. It speeds with unerring accuracy and nails the spider in one of its legs. Good the force field either doesn’t respond to magic or ice.

This get’s X’s attention. Shepard takes this as his cue to join in and pummels the thing in it’s eye.

It shoots more lasers and I see X touch the ice causing his arm to shine for a brief moment before he fights on armed with ice attacks of his own.

I drop a silver ball that expands into my trusty board and jump off into the sky.

It’s over now. The fire spell I tried on it didn’t do much but the follow up cold blast from X causes it’s armor to splinter. The gaping hole in it’s chest from Shepard doesn’t help. One more blast of pure magical force causes it to fold up. I panic when red blinking and beeping emits from it’s remains.

Shepard though knows what to do, and bunching his muscles grasps the whole thing, lifting it up with a grunt before tossing it straight between the two buildings. X lets out a blast that’s hard to look at directly and hits dead on propelling the exploding bundle further out and it explodes shattering glass and raining down debris.

I sigh, so much for staying on the down low.

X is unnerved. He picks up on Shepards greater than normal strength right away and he seems equally uneasy with me throwing ice around. It looks like “his way or the high way” (with high way being powered shots from the blaster.)

Shepard doesn’t take too well to being threatened or interrogated which sounds to be our fate if we go along. X sends up a flare which causes a car to arrive. I’m not pleased with the welcome after what we did just now and I point out as much when I get into the car. My partner follows along and we drive off to the guild with a noticeably colder X up front.



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