The Agency

Grad Test - Delicious Guns and the death of a child

I’m leisurely cruising around on my board when I get a text message, it’s like a voice only i can hear, or the impression of text in my mind. I’m not sure, damnest thing is that I can clearly tell I didn’t think of it. It just pops into my mind fully formed.

Goddamn agency messing with my mind. Then gunshots and fags seems to be yelling for my help.

I want to run but I’m more afraid of being stuck here dealing this mess myself. I shiver and brace myself for going through the window.

That was terrible.

I know that’s what everyone says about getting shot, but a goddamn revolver round to the torso, bleeding out into a classroom, while my “partner” decides to play arts and craft with my blood is definitely not the way I wanted this to go down. On top of that we had to take out the detective. + we got a revolver. – we got a body to deal with that could wake up on us at any moment. Hurts just breathing now, although that quick healing – possibly some kind of early stage of regeneration is kicking in.

I nearly crapped myself seeing the wound, and I definitely blacked out for a second seeing all my blood.

Nobody saw that… it never happened. Anyway I headed off to the river to wash off my own blood. (yay) I come back to find fags toting around a dead girl and smelling like piss. I decide to ignore the guy who got me shot and played around with my blood so I can search the Detective’s car.

I find various shit, but it’s the files in his trunk that interest me. The report on quick inspection hints at some kind of relationship between the town, Umbrella Corp, and a player as a go between facilitating experiments in the town. This might have something to do with the freak monster we fought earlier, and I suspect the odd behavior of the blond hair girl in the phone booth.

As of now I want to get out of this town and regroup elsewhere. Fags will probably want to do something but I’m going to suggest we interrogate the detective somewhere far away. While the Sonazaki household has a interrogation chamber, I’d rather not get stuck there. We have car and fuel so let’s see if we can drive off while we get our shit together.

Also a visit by another psycho-child Rena a redhead just proves we should ditch this place. She’s sporting some changes as well, and she can see me. I thought this invisibility shit was supposed to work? So why is it every goddamn girl and their dog can notice me?


Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. It looked like we’d break through and for a moment we’d get through the cordon. Now it feels like my bones are trying to travel through my skin. I’m in a tree I think, and I can’t make out what happened to Fags. All I know is there are a ton of cops, and they’re well armed. With luck they’ll put us together and we’ll keep our shit…



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