The Agency

Grad Test - Lulls and Blood

Recovering after the battle. Somehow nobody noticed despite the sheer magnitude of the beast. Something is really wrong here.

Whatever it was, it dissolved into sticky black shadow substances when we cut/killed it. So much for getting samples to find out what it was supposed to be.

I return the Prog Knife to Fags. Going to look around some more and see if I can find out just what the hell is going on here. The Sonazaki Family seems to be the head house here. They certainly have the largest home. Also if I remember correctly they were the ones who offered to let Fags stay at their place. Very suspicious. I think I’ll stay under camouflage for this little outing.

I’m almost afraid of how well this was going. For a moment I thought I’d be caught but I overhead a conversation between the family matriarch and her family, something about festivals and outsiders – ominous.

Then there was a cellar and a cave. Seeing as it was getting dark I figured it’d be more dangerous with a cave, somehow I don’t have any light. Cellar is mostly empty except for a goosebump raising torture, blood and restraints. I almost bolt but there’s something on the desk.

I’m wary of holding it in case of traps so I load it onto the hoverboard. The case seems to belong to the umbrella corporation. Either someone was caught with this and tortured, or they were tortured because of the case, or something I haven’t thought of yet. Either way it doesn’t look like I should stick around. Once I exit the place I pack up and plan to regroup with my teammate.



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