The Agency

Grad Test - Slime and Communications Break Down

We were captured and stuck in an interrogation room at the police building I tried to run into like a fool.

We lost the case but somehow managed to get away with keeping all our gear. I look around and notice a one way mirror which means we could be being observed. It should be relatively easy to escape but I don’t look forward to fighting the SWAT team or a whole police squadron. Also if the Detective was working with the police they might have more intel besides what we found in the folder about Umbrella and the town of Hinamizawa.

Either way I’m sure we’ll find out something if we stick around.

The door opens and our interrogator pulls up a chair. He questions us about the case, the player, umbrella corp, and whatever else he can think of. The idea of getting shot is unappealing and I quickly bend telling him what he wants to know. That and Fags is in a bad state. I’ve mostly recovered but unless we get him some kind of medical aid things could look dicey, especially if we do have to end up fighting our way out of here.

He makes note of our treatment of one of his associates, and then leaves upon hearing the connection with the Sonazaki household. That clears him of suspicion but we’re still in a dangerous situation.

We should start looking for our way out. I debate between using Fags as a distraction while I cut a passageway with the knife, when my partner takes the decision out of my hands. Using his super strength he attempts to muscle his way though the door. It doesn’t exactly work and the next moment I’m staring down the barrel of another guy. What is it with everyone shooting at me today?

And hitting… really not appreciating the hitting. Although it makes the twisting feeling in my stomach grow.

The blond chief from earlier has the case and that can only mean she’s in on this, perfect.

I ready up a swirling ball of chakra and air and charge…

She’s down now, apparently only human, so I pick up the case and the gun before moving on to help Fags out of the door. He looks pretty bad now, and with luck we’ll find something to patch him up with here.

I also got a note telling her to deliver the goods to the cave. Which means we should really head over there once we’re able. Willing to bet we’ll find the player there.

She apparently killed everyone else, accurate shot or surprise but the way everyone was taken down means she had help. Help that may or may not come to investigate if she doesn’t radio in or however it is they contact one another. Written note discounts the possibility of phone – possibly the coverage here is too bad, or not secure enough. I certainly don’t recall seeing a communication device on her…

Fags is looking for stuff in the medical cabinet, I take a cursory scan of the bodies and head up to the second floor cautiously.

There’s an armory with a card lock. Searching around doesn’t reveal anything so I take a quick run along the wall to see if there’s a window or other entrance. The roof offers nothing further and a message from Fags has me back in the corridor. He seems to have brute forced his way through the door and now we have partial access to the armory.

My danger senses scream and I turn around to notice some slithering worm shadow creature. The grotesque parody of the woman I killed earlier snaps back together before exploding into a disgusting mass. Fuck.

Fags charges ahead with a jury rigged moltov cocktail he threw together firing his revolver. He looks a lot better so he must have found something in the cabinet.

I should be able to trust him to take care of that thing, I’ll look for some more items in the armory (and give myself an excuse to stay away from that horror). If things do turn bad hopefully something in here will help us out. I use the Prog Knife on the largest locker and find some Kevlar Amour which is too heavy for me so I give it to Fags he should get more use out of it than I do.

I planned to get back to my partner but the continued sound of revolver shots means he should still be okay. Also I feel a bit weak in the knees, I close my eyes to steady my nerves and the image of the woman with the broken neck snapping into place, while black slugs explode out of her mouth comes back in shocking detail.

I snap my eyes open in a panic and curse when I realize I’m too scared to move. I clamber on top of my board and turn invisible, opting to search the rest of the armory instead.

Then I hear my partner shouting through our link to come help now. Something must have went wrong…

As soon as I can gather my courage I zoom back over to be faced with Fags on the ground covered by a mess of the diseased worms with the source crawling behind him. I keep my eyes trained on it too terrified to look away.

I need to both send it back and try to clear out the worms on my partner. The Kevlar armour I gave him seems to be keeping them from getting at him too much but either way he doesn’t have much time. I palm an incendiary grenade and throw it in a soft arc aiming for the monster behind him, with any luck and him being on the floor the blast shouldn’t do much more than singe the worms on top of him.

Behind there’s a terrible screeching cry as another monster dies.

The clean up is simple, another quick attack finishes off the monster that’s still on fire. Fags is a little burnt but he should be fine with time. Outside it’s started to rain. Just as I was about to leave (the flaming monster set part of the wall on fire) one of the children we saw earlier showed up.

Mion a girl with green hair and an air soft gun. She makes a run for Fags who shows off his street fighting skills with a perfect reversal. I try to incapacitate her and she picks up on the noise despite my invisibility. I dodge and before anything else can happen Fagskneecaps her with a bat. His super strength means her legs blow out and she shouts more insults and promises.

In the midst of it I catch that Fags is infected (which means I’ll have to watch my back around him now) and they want him as the sample. I still have the case which they don’t seem to know about (my existance at any rate, although they can tell someone else is there).

I try to put her out of her misery, she won’t be of much help we already know to go to the cave, and she’s bleeding profusely from her legs. Better a little mercy and be spared her crying and screaming. She seems remarkably pain resistant though, and I silently aim for the back of her head. Somehow her incredible senses notice even this and my shot goes wide hitting her in the stomach instead. Great.

I leave the building, the girl will be reduced to ash and the fire will conveniently obscure our tracks. I look for a car to get back to the town, only to find Fags has decided to bring her along with us, presumably for more information.

It’s damp and cramped, and the smell of blood and piss is prominent in the enclosed space of the car. I try to drive so we can leave, leery of being this close to someone capable of such brutality. What I see next only unnerves me more as he proceeds to threaten her verbally and with a lighter. Seeing it though gives me an idea.

I didn’t take time to think about it before, but I realize that if we do have her it might be useful to have a bargaining chip. I don’t know how important she is to the Sonozakis, but as a heir or descendant she could be useful alive. I take the zippo lighter I found and try to seal her gun shot wound, the broken legs beyond my abilities.

Fags seems to stiffen at this and I can’t tell why, he was the one just holding the flame up to her ear. I can still smell the burnt skin. It makes my stomach crawl and I repress the urge to throw up in the car.

He seems to be motioning me to go outside. I step outside to see what my axe crazy partner wants.

Sonofabitch sucker punched me. The only real surprise was that I didn’t manage to dodge it. I’ll chalk it up to underestimating him.

Through the haze of pain, and the sensation that my guts are trying to escape out my throat I feel the rain soak my clothes. I think I peed myself.

I hear a threat, fucker has the gall to tell me I didn’t back him up, and that I’ll suffer more of the same if I let him down again. My resolve tightens as I get up and I sprint off for the river. Fuck him and fuck this. I’ll go investigate the cave myself and finish this mission. He can find someone else who puts up with his bullshit.

It’s nearly dawn and I go to the landfill looking for a place to crash, I can’t trust anything in that town, as it is the landfill is already plenty dangerous. I’m too tired to care though and I crash in half a car hoping I’ll have more of a plan when I wake.



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