The Agency

Grad Test - Subspace and Lies

I look around and almost swear. It’s the kid. The boy we met from the beginning. K1 and it all clicks into a place. Some goddamn perverted nerd went and made himself the center of a harem…

black leather collar

If we had taken him out then…

No time for hindsight anger. He talks about resets and 3 days and some kind of purge. As he describes the games he’s played and the horror he’s wrought I feel the growing urge to cap him. Or at least have him enjoy some quality time with my partner.

As he goes on though I begin to realize we’re on a deadline. There’s a goddamn air raid going off in a few more hours today. I duno what happens if we die but I’m guessing we stay dead. Not going to take chances with the Agency monitoring us and pulling our asses out of the fire at the last minute.

Just as our dialogue comes to an end and we begin to make a concentrated effort to paste his slimy ass to the wall he sics the slime monster on us.

Unfortunately it looks like the fire didn’t quite kill it and it’s reshaped and morphed into another perversion of life and death.

I look over to Fags who nods at me and we charge.

What follows is chaotic but manageable for the most part. Fags does alot of heavy lifting and some weird shit with his arm occurs. I think he looks alot better now. So apparently his arm has healing properties of some kind.

I get clipped at one point and now my boards looking a little sparky just like his Prog Knife. I can only hope we get our gear fixed somehow at some point. Fags gets in the killing blow and I exhale slowly feeling my body knitting itself back together. He looks a little bruised and battered but we both know we can’t take a break.

Our target is getting away.

The other tunnel leads into a garish love pad room. It’s stuffed with toys and plush dolls. We follow the tunnel until we get to the exit which leads back to the outskirts of the town. There should only be one place for them to go. I head to the temple with a heavy heart. Neither of us is in perfect shape, and although we held back some reserves we’re still a good meal and a night of rest away from fresh.

As we continue on we start hearing the drone of planes and sirens go off. It’s spooky and unsettling. I go to open the sliding doors only to find myself facing a girl. It’s Rena in a gas mask.

Actually, I don’t notice her first…the cleaver has all of my attention. She tells us she has to stop us for now, and that the time isn’t right. If we want to get past her we’ll have to defeat her…the cleaver is huge

I trade an increasingly familiar glance with my partner. It amounts to a nod and head jerk in her direction without being so overt. Or maybe I thought it to him…this mental connection can be useful I admit.

I go to steal the gas mask, partly out of selfish desire to protect myself, partly to open her up to a new weakness. Maybe she’ll trip up trying to get it back. I get piledrived and it’s like my stomach is up where my tongue should be. It was like getting hit by a car. I roll over weakly and take the mental gloves off. Any reserves will only be useful if we make it through this fight.

Fags rolls up his (metaphorical) sleeves and lays down the hurt. At one point he even disarms her and I get the mask. Even then she hits like she’s been modded. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out she’s had some umbrella corp serum injected into her.

The air sirens go off again as I leap at her.

Things are worse and I found that hard to believe after the fight with a girl we should have been able to snap in half in a few minutes. Fags pulls off some spectacular magic shit that I can’t even begin to describe. A phoenix came out and the fire that blasted her back revitalized us. I can’t even begin to say how much we needed that.

Now though apparently shit is getting real…

The villagers who are still alive are mindless zombies just outside the temple doors. We both head in and are faced with a whole other world. It’s a goddamn crystal palace right here in the temple. Stuff is hard, getting hit into it will do more than bruise. Keichii our target, the player is here as well. Rika a clone or reanimated corpse of her is on a throne dully gazing at us. Somehow or other he’s controlling her, augmenting his manipulation of this world.

We trade quips and he drops the avatar. It’s a fat guy, drunk with power and in this moment he’s even more hideous than the monsters we’ve faced. Then he pulls out two lightsabers and I feel a cold sweat break out.


Fags…is awesome. I may not like the guy but you have to give him points for style. I mean on top of acquiring the cleaver and using it for his own, just..spock and yoda? That was cold.

I play the away game not quite eager to be skewered by lasers. The fight drags on and we seem to be wearing him down. I figure now is as good a time as any and initiate the concentration of power I’ve felt tearing and boiling for awhile now. My arm morphs and turns into a monstrous blade. I cut the guy and the floor and for a moment my mind blanks out feeding on the raw power and destruction. Then it fades and I’m panting and famished. He’s lost his glow sticks but apparently he’s still got something up his sleeve. I have no intention of find out what.

This guy needs to go down now.

I feel behind me another blast of phoenix fire and hope it’s enough.

I get brought back and the sun is shining and I’m still alive. Which is a win in my book.

Apparently he summoned… the star trek ship. I remember it briefly, panicking trying to get on the hover board to ride out the oncoming shockwave. I must have failed and it’s a shame because I would have loved to see what happened next. Fags tells me he cut the goddamn ship in two (which must have gone over well with the player), before going over to carve the target a new one.

After that the world was reset and here we are again.

We say goodbye to the kids with Fags pulling off another amazing verbal feat. That or kids are dumber after they get reborn…

Either way I pass the files and gas mask to Rika. Maybe it’ll be enough of a hint for her to survive the next cycle of this messed up world. Maybe not… Either way there’s a limit to how much we should interfere. I’m glad she forgot that creep but I hope she makes it out okay. Nobody deserves to die and be brought back forever…

Without looking back we leave the town into the portal and back to the Agency.

We’re not the most impressive figures but we’re promised a debrief and already with barely any ceremony we’re graduates, and en route to another world.

The sense though of exploration and the chance to see new stuff is exciting. We both agree and we’re dismissed to get cleaned up.

Reploids…where have I heard that word before?



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