The Agency

Grad Test - The sleepy town - and shadow ravens

We met some of the local color and boy is it fucked up. I’m slightly creeped out by the guy with the camera we met. Although the agency patch that lets us understand and speak languages interests me a great deal. I wonder where all this extra info is being stored, are they tampering directly with our brains? What kind of system did they give us and when did they find time to do it to us?

I don’t recall having a procedure during the 3 years, chances are it might have been something passed as a health check up or under something equally mundane.

Regardless I’ve decided to let Fags do most of the talking, opting for a more secure and covert investigation. A quick scout of the town/settlement reveals limited structures and hints at a relatively tiny population. No idea how they’re sustaining themselves although basic agriculture looks to be likely.

Strangely there doesn’t seem to be any hints of need or desperation, the buildings themselves are solid, one in particular is lavish, while the school is modern and well built.

The children seem healthy (maybe too much so) with several characters distinguished by their bright hair colors.

I plan to investigate further.

I was hurt and so I figured eating something might help. I took a lunchbox from the cafeteria but felt some guilt over it. Also there’s some kind of detective with unusually keen senses. His name is something ridiculous I think, but as long as I was staying under his radar I don’t care. With luck he’ll be too busy investigating Fags to notice the shadow slinking around.

Just the way I want it.

Overall though there isn’t any indication of what might be wrong or why we were sent here. Players from limited intel are destructive and loud. They enjoy power and the chance to demonstrate or mess with the structure of the worlds they visit. Whoever it is that’s screwing with this place is being low-key about it. Which points to intelligence and a certain level of cunning. That scares me too.

I followed one of the younger children, to see if I could enter one of the buildings to investigate further, possibly acquiring some kind of defensive weapon. Instead I’m confronted with a temple and some kind of psychic monster child who’s controlling time and space. I’d be less inclined to believe it if she didn’t see through my invisibility and… well it’s silly to say it but her Rika‘s eyes… they’re not normal. They’re old far too old whatever this kid has seen it makes me want to leave right away.

Then she mentioned she’s been killed, many times, but somehow this time it’s different. I’m not sure what she means anymore but whatever she’s talking about it’s scaring me shitless. If it weren’t for the fact that I need more info I’d have hightailed it out of here right away.

I wanted to offer her my protection, but honestly I’m terrified of whatever it is that could kill her much less protecting her from it. I’ll try to help, maybe Fags will have some idea of what to do.

We should leave. We should leave now. A frikken mutant shadow raven? WTF is that supposed to be? 3 years of training really has made a difference. Back then I would have ran away, but given how it could fly and it’s massive size I figured I’d better take it down while I had back-up. It worked this time, but there’s no guarantee we’ll always be this lucky. Lucky thing Fags had his Prog Knife. At any rate whatever’s going on here is something we need to stop or stay the hell away from.

Seem to have gotten stronger after the battle. I can feel a definite strength coalescing inside me. My body feels warmer. Also my wounds seem to be healing a little faster than before. What little energy I have seems to be replenishing at any rate. Curious.



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