The Agency


We’ve been transferred to a train, possibly more direct route to the headquarters. X is watching over us with a powered blaster.

I find it strange that they’d risk us being thrown together with the populace. What I can only assume are robot civilians are watching us with interest. X seems to be some kind of celebrated hero of sorts. I observe the city and notice an industrial sector off to the side as we progress with incredible speed into the heart of the metropolis. A quick scan of the map tells me nothing, it’s digital and I have nothing to read it with.

My partner decides to hold up my end of the conversation prodding and poking as he knows best. During their conversation I do pick up something interesting. Along with getting a license we have the chance of getting partial or full robotic enhancements. I can feel the need for a more durable body and the idea of having converting weapons on hand so to speak makes me giddy.

I take the chance to requester a virus from Alfred – I figure if our operations are meant to eliminate contamination of the two worlds as much as possible then destroying data recordings of us (street cameras) would be for the best. To say nothing of the damage the players may have done in the first place.

Alfred tells me he’ll do what he can and offers a few more useful tidbits regarding my request. I sign off and tune back into the conversation. Another interesting fact – the windows are reinforced with live currents running through it. A new security measure? So a recent surge of attacks on transport? Or is it amping up security for whatever reason? I mentally calculate the chances of us taking him down and figure we have a decent chance if Shepard can throw X into a window. If nothing else I have confidence we could get away and regroup. I signal to Shepard and after another brief mental discussion he decides he wants to go to the guild. Chances are whatever we’re looking for will be there or we’ll have to go there for information anyway. So I nod and we pass into the station without further issue.

Suddenly I hear a voice talking to me and I know without knowing how I know, that the soul inside me is talking to me. The gist of it is disturbing and I fear that using the soul too much could mean it might take over eventually. If it does I fear it would be death to those around me. I talk back to it and it responds with a ominous promise to talk again soon. I do my best to mask my shock but I doubt I did a very good job. X notices but pushes no further.

The guild is a regal affair embodying the futuristic aesthetic we’ve seen in the city. It’s meant to impress and it does. A large building with several branches which I’m eager to explore if we can prove our innocence. The problem of course being to not reveal too much of our origins.

We’re lead to a glass elevator that takes us to the highest level. We’re herded into a pristine white office which becomes a backdrop to the towering figure in it. Green military style and bulky armor signals this as the head honcho by my guess. He’s got the whole general vibe and the way X deferentially treats him is another sign that he isn’t someone we should mess with.

He is cordial and polite humoring my partner with sincerity? We talk a little more and while we do he sends X away to keep the conversation private. That should have been our first warning. But because we both wanted to cooperate to utilize possible resources we kept talking. Somewhere during that time I started to feel tired. It takes a moment to sink in but I can tell that promises to see his “basement” means bad news for both me and my partner.

I signal to him and charge up a spell, with luck the walls haven’t been tested against magic and we can make our way out from here. Sigma seems concerned that we’ve lost our marbles but I can tell this is a trap.

The bolt of condensed magic hits and fizzles out on the ground without so much as a smudge. Shit.

I’m about to toss one at him and figure it’s useless. I do notice too late that his hand is glowing purple. I manage to shout a warning before the dizziness turns to full out darkness and I pass out without seeing what Shepard tries to do.

I wake up to Shepard and Sigma talking. That conversation occurs on top of the screams of three people in cots tied up to strange machines that seem to be pumping them of something. Whatever it is it’s bad news because they scream like someone’s harvesting their insides.

Sigma starts to talk like a movie bad guy explaining his capture and detaining of 3 players over 5 months. He’s been ripping magic and information from them to augment his own powers. That means we need to take out or retrieve the players and eliminate Sigma.

Shepard starts talking as he is apt to and I must admit even after all the fat ones I’ve seen him pull off this is his greatest masterpiece yet. The Salvation Army. The love of Jesus. I can almost feel his charisma increasing.

Which turns out to be a much tougher order than I imagined when he starts sporting glowing elemental balls of every kind. Guy’s got the whole rainbow spinning around him.

He goes on to tell us we should get ready to be batteries for him as well and Shepard tells me to get ready. I nod and as he rushes out I charge up a spell to be aimed at the machine. Praying that knocking out the drain bot will pull the plug on his powers… it fizzles harmlessly, and Sigma mocks us with the idea of setting a battle where we could even hope to inconvenience against him. Then I notice that Shepard while managing to get behind him has been hit by a third tier thunder spell. I swallow and use magic to turn invisible hoping that’ll give me an edge.

It’s dashed when a glint in his eye reveals he’s got a spell/tech for that as well.
Another giant ice spell later and I slip and fall on my ass. I barely manage to scrabble up to unleash another magical volley this time at the patient itself. Put the poor souls out of their misery. Then I get the reaction I’m hoping for. He actually moves to bat the magic away, which means they aren’t protected. Cocky bastard figured they wouldn’t need it.

I think of the virus in my kit and figure anything would be good now. I call out to Shepard to see if he can restrain him long enough for me to pull this off. It’s a tall order but somehow my partner manages to throw him down although the effort costs him quite a bit. Before I can capitalize Sigma gets up again.

Calling upon all my agility I bounce off the ceiling to land on his face. The virus Alfred gave me might be enough to shit Sigma down if he’s still more machine than anything else. The only control port in the room is the one under his jewel covered helmet and (thank god for Alfred the virus is transmitted via touch) I try to jab my fingers through. I’m stopped by the diamond hard material and he laughs some more. What follows is some amazing reflexes keeping me from being swatted like a bug, followed by an aerial dodge when he erects a barrier.

I scream for Shepard to ignore me and go for the players.

I’m in midair which is why I get to watch my shepard go to the center player, rip off his head, and punt it like a soccerball towards the iridescent barrier Sigma has erected. The death of the player pulls forth a pained yell from Sigma. Who is chanting up and charging for something truly fearsome. There’s only one more shot so in midair I call up my reserves and execute a flying kick that sends me across the room towards one of the two players. My leg connects and I feel the satisfying crunch of broken neck right before a thundering voice cries out “SIGMA DIMENSION

Then everything erupts in white…



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