The Agency

Snakes on a Cold War

I wake up and find myself in a forest, with a distinct chill rattling my frame. Our connection with HQ is cut off and we can’t monitor our stats. What I can gauge is that we’re in bad shape and whatever that last spell was it took its toil on us. I hope it did the same to Sigma.

Several possibilites spring to mind. Teleport spell, sleep spell + machines to mess with our minds, a failed spell since we killed off two of his sources resulting in an unstable reaction. Whatever it is we don’t have access to world points and so our flashier abilities are cut off. Thankfully our innate skills like Shepards’ super strength seem to be intact. I climb up a tree gingerly wincing from time to time and try to figure out where we are. Or where we could go. On the top branches I manage to see that the forest extended for quite a bit. There were two notable landmarks. One a waterfall off to the side a good distance further away and far off a grey structure/tower.

Looking closely I spot a patrol group of 3 armed men approaching our location.

I can’t quite make out what they’re using but I scurry back down to warn Shepard. I make some verbal motions which gets a shout from him. I try not to kill him and make more motions. He follows me up the tree and soon the patrol shows up.

They’re speaking in Russian. one of them goes right under our tree for a piss while the other two take a smoke break. It’s barely audible but I hear the whiff before the guy emptying his bladder slumps over. I mouth to Shepard about the sniper watching in admiration and fear as the other two soldiers get taken out with no muss and no fuss.

Whoever it is they could have dropped us when we went up. Which is good and bad news. With nothing left to do we both drop down and out comes a familiar figure with a headband and clothed in protective camo. I want to sigh at the awkward conversation that’s coming up. Maybe Shepard can take this one.

It goes fairly well. We’re American citizens, experiments of some kind that were sent off here to die as a training exercise by scientists in charge of us. Snake seems to take this in his stride. We’re told to get out or get out of the way. We follow him as he leads us to his camp but not before grabbing some guns from the downed patrol.

We talk some more learning about a mission of his to rescue a scientist from the silver facility/compound I spotted from above the tree. He gives us a chance to rest up and decide what we want to do tom. Another interesting conversation I’m sure.



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