The Agency

Training - Grad Test

3 long years. I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot more than I bargained for back then. Sometimes I still get kinda ticked with how they could trick impressionable 14 years old like me and my training partner into this trainee thing.

And honestly I’ve only become more scared now that I know a fraction of the ways I could have died back then 3 long years ago.

As it is I’ve focused on stealth and agility, intelligence and reconnaissance. I’ve come close to death once already, and I’m going to do my best never to get that close again. The training and skills I’ve gained should help a bit.

3 years and inevitably I got to know my partner who I’ve trained with nearly every day for 3 years. Which makes it hard to figure out how to address him. Fagballs Shepard or fags. Christ sometimes I think I blank out in conversations because my mind refuses to believe that’s his real name. I mean he is a compulsive liar, even if he is charming at times. He’d have to be with a name like that.


Today is our final training test.

We’re getting sent out on our own to a verse to deal with players. HQ hasn’t offered any info or help. It’s sink or swim now. And it all comes down to whether these 3 years of training was enough. I’ve snuck around the comps a bit and I’ve seen some of the shit that’s gone down in other verses, and other players. Shit is fucked up and goddamn scary. Time to test out my invisibility skills. fags can do the heavy lifting until we figure out -what_-_who the hell we’re up against.



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