The Agency

Day 1 - Dreams and museums

Woke up from a strange dream that faded even as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Finding out I was late meant I could take a shower. Whatever it was it must have been a nightmare, I was in a cold sweat. Shower-

Cleaned up and ready to go, apparently there was a trip to the museum scheduled today. Having everyone’s eyes on me made me shrink back (tried to hide in the back), got chewed out by the teacher as well.

On the way there I caught flashes of the nightmare, mirrors, glass, and a terrible wracking pain in my arm, with hazes of black and red lightning coloring everything.

I grip my arm once before we stop to disembark.

Museum is interesting, it certainly seems to clash with the normal life as we know it. The fantastical besides the mundane. I was browsing around when I see it suspended, enshrined in lights. A hoverboard! in the gift shop.

A short talk with the shop keeper who’s still giving me the evil eye later and I find out it’s a prototype. Discretely checking out the defense systems shows it’s going to be hard to get away with this thing. My wallet is out too. With any luck this plan will work if I can get enough courage together to try to pull it off. As a minor there probably won’t be much that happens if I fail and get caught.

Fuck! WTH is going on? Shit’s happening, people, magic, goddamn. Gonna curl up and make a run for it. Thank god I got my hands on the board. Although now my arm- nevermind. I can’t even look at it. Maybe it’ll go away if I’m lucky. Fucking guy with a shotgun shot a kid.

Some guy just ran off through a door. I’m gonna piss my pants but if I stay here I’m sure I’ll die. That explosion before leveled the hall. Any closer and I’d be wiped out with the rest of the class. Have to make a run for it. Hope the board helps. OHS-

Pain-flickering out of consciousness, there’s some kind of force, something alive that seems to be growing, sapping at my strength- when my vision clears for a moment I think I see silver fishes and yellow fishing rods swirling around-

being carried somewhere- where are they taking m-

Shit. I listen to the shop keeper who turns out to be an agent whatever that means, and how we’re going to join, and train. He mentions other shit, but that office job sounds like it’d be nice. Away from the front lines, a nice cushy job where I’ll be safe. This might not be so bad. Not like I’m planning anything or doing much with my life as it is. Might as well try it and see how it goes.

I also notice the guy next to me. Seems familiar somehow – but there’s a discordant feeling when I get close to him. Don’t trust him, he was popular I think at school, and a jerk ass. With luck this is the last time I’ll be seeing him…


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